Best known for his advertising work, Alec Watson is a multi-disciplinary digital media artist.  As a photographer, his work has graced magazine covers, movies posters, album covers and a multitude of advertising from Coca-Cola and Starbucks to heads of state. 


As a director of photography, Alec has filmed ad work for companies like Starbucks, Britney Spears, Goldwell, KMS, Microsoft, Sexy Hair, music videos and several award-winning short films.


A triple threat in digital media, Alec started as a recording engineer and earned platinum and gold records for record production, songwriting, keyboards, and backing vocals.

Alec was also nominated for a LEO for film composition.


Alec makes his home on Vancouver Island with his wife Sarah, two amazing children and two dogs--Abby and Arlo.  Still travelling for campaign shoots, Alec’s favourite client is Healthy Role Models, Sarah’s health and fitness company.  The couple produces Sarah’s projects out of a film studio on their property.


Currently finishing his Master's Degree in Digital Media Design at Harvard, Alec teaches Visual Branding and shares insights that elevate the success of businesses at YOUR VISUAL BRAND.COM .







Tel: 778.268.0745

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