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Alec Watson

Will Change the Way You See the World

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There is a reason that Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Microsoft, Britney Spears, Sexy Hair, KMS... look to Alec to capture and create brand campaigns.  Alec obviously understands cameras and light, but more importantly-- he understands the audience, motivation and how we see.

An artist and avid learner his entire life, Alec's career began in music as an entertainer and recording artist.  He has a little wall of gold and platinum records for music production, songwriting, piano and vocals. Exploring photography at 30, Alec found a passion for visual media, specifically advertising.  Combining his love and experience of music and photography, film-making and commercial storytelling became the obvious outlet for his creative talents.   

A seasoned entertainer, storyteller and lover of all things technical, Alec's worked with large ad and marketing budgets. Through his love of teaching, a Harvard Master's education in digital media, and an innate ability to simplify complex technical topics, Alec has created simple tactical approaches to raise the bar on social media, web promotions and campaigns.  The goal? To allow everyone, from the solo-preneur to the mid-size corporation, to create strong visual branding that competes internationally with the BIG budgets.


10X the Power of Your Visual Brand

Alec gained a profound understanding on how we see after an emergency surgery for Glaucoma left him with compromised eyesight. Alec's brain slowly compensated for vision loss; his experience with neuroplasicity forever changed his model of how we see and perceive.  With new insight in vision, Alec changed his focus and approach to visual media and branding. 

Through the use of visual illusions, Alec opens with some fun and interactive science, teaching the audience the limitations of a viewer's ability to see and visualize. Understanding the limitations of what we see creates a foundation for effective visual communication.


Knowing how we much we actually see on our mobile devices and screens, Alec shows how science and marketers are using technologies to analyze how consumers respond to visuals.  The results are initially surprising, but easily understandable.  

Moving into beautiful imagery and effective visual communication strategies, Alec leaves the audience with a complete model and key tactics to raise the bar on images, emails, social media, ads and campaigns. 

This presentation will forever change the way the audience sees the world and instantly 10x the effectiveness of their visual communication.

Take Way, WAY Better Pictures and Video for Social Media

10X the Influence of Your Images

Imagine getting iPhone and Android camera lessons from a photographer and filmmaker that has created over a billion impressions for celebrities and fortune 500 companies!


This is the ONE presentation where you don't have to put your phone away!

 Alec LOVES teaching people how to take WAY better images on their mobile device.

Part presentation and part workshop, Alec will shoot live to the big screen to show you how every choice will net you a better image.

Almost all of the campaigns Alec films and photographs have a social media team capturing BTS and endorsements to promote the brand.  With a full understanding of the importance of Social Media influence, Alec always helps out the social media teams with better lighting, angles and is always up for answering questions.  One day, it occurred to him: "I should just show people how to do this."  

Beginning to end:

  • Lighting!  The MOST important ingredient of an image.  Great light isn't just found in expensive lights - it's abundant and can be found almost anywhere.  How and where to find it or create it.

  • Posing 101 - whether photographing a model, presenter or even Bob from the tech. department, a little knowledge about posing will go a long way.  You'll even take better selfies after this.

  • Backgrounds and aspect ratio - knowing which way your shooting for what medium and what to look for in a background will make your subject pop. When to use portrait mode and when to avoid it will net you a great image.

  • Image editing - the cherry on top.  Alec takes you through his workflow for outstanding images.

Whether you shoot on your phone for fun, or you are building your social media and web presence, you will leave with a slew of tactics to get WAY better images to share and net greater influence.

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